Long, fun, but hard day…

Stayed up till 4:00am last night doing statics and linear hw and woke up at 8:00am to study for my linear midterm. Soooo tired…. Then after school, I started prepping for the paint fight. I have a bunch of little shot sized paper cups to put splashes of tie-dye in and 15 of them will be held in egg cartons during the fight. Ill probably have about 10 egg cartons worth. Then, I also cut up a bunch of towels and folded them and tied them into maces (http://www.weaponsemporium.com/WE-Studded-Mace.jpg). Also, I tested out what concentration of water to dye-powder I need for the best results.

Then Myles called and I went bouldering with him and JP at Bishops. We drove up and were planning on going up the mountain a little bit but it was close to getting dark so we found this other rock which was really fun. We made routes going up on two sides and also did some really hard but fun traverse work on it in both directions. It was sweet using my slo-op skills in action for the first time. Although i was having trouble because I dont have climbing shoes and vans slip ons are not the best for bouldering heaa! Then, we went and got Pita Pit which was legit cause I had a buy two get one free coupon. We also watched the moon rise which was CRAZY! Today is the day that the moon is closest to the earth for the entire year so it was extra xxtra grande especially with that illusion that it looks bigger as its rising or setting. Then, we picked up Cadence and Nina and went to slo-op for about an hour.

Now, I’m tying cut up pieces of towels into little balls for throwing and soon… SLEEP!

Photosynth of my room

I came across this website a long time ago and have always wanted to try it out for myself. I should have done it with my old room in Leucadia as a sweet way of capturing it other than just plain flat photos… Anyways, basically the website takes your photos, finds “points” in every photo, and then matches the points together to create a 3D space with all the photos placed accordingly. Its really cool. I especially like looking at the point cloud view. I should have taken more photos to get a better Synth and a cooler looking point cloud but maybe next time. Try looking at some of the others on the website. Photosynths of statues have really cool point clouds! PS GO FULL SCREEN!

Original Link:
Photosynth homepage:

Happy Birthday Demetrio!

Happy Birthday Demetrio!

Happy Birthday Demetrio! Damn… Not a teenager anymore! I don’t know if we can still be friends 😛 Anyways, hope to see ya soon man. I don’t know if I can make it in just a weekend but perhaps spring break I can come up to the Sac instead of going home? Either way, have a swell b-day and don’t get too crunk 😉

Free bagels!

Free bagels!

Einstein’s is giving away free bagels if you become a fan of them on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/einsteinbros?ref=ts#/einsteinbros?v=app_262214126192&ref=ts I got my free one today (Monday) with Ethan and Ben and I’m gonna go back tomorrow and the next day and the next day until the coupon is expired. Yessss

UPDATE 1: Went back today (Tuesday) with Jeremy and Heather. Then again an hour later with Kaitlyn, Jeremy, Ethan, and Aaron. Total free bagels so far: 3
UPDATE 2: Got one more today (Wednesday) with Bryan and Kaylyn. Total free bagels so far: 4
UPDATE 3: Went to school a half hour early to get one with Arlie today (Thursday). Then went after chem with Donna. Total free bagels so far: 6
UPDATE 4: HOAH YES!!!! Arlie sent me the picture for his coupon for next week! FREE BAGELS FOR TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!!!
UPDATE 5: Got a bagel with Kaylyn today (Friday) in between classes. Total free bagels so far: 7
UPDATE 6: Today (Tuesday) I got another free one with the new coupon with Kaylyn. Total free bagels so far: 8
UPDATE 7: (Wednesday) Got one with Katia, Brandon and Jeremy. Total free bagels so far: 9
UPDATE 8: (Thursday) Got one with Ben and Ethan. Total free bagels so far: 10 woo double digits!

Oooo new domain!

I just changed my blogs’ domain name from roryaronsonslawblog.blogspot.com to roryaronson.com! If you go to the old one though it will redirect you automatically anyways but just in case you wanted to update your computers’ bookmark or tell a friend about my blog, the web address is easier to remember now.