Free Stuff, Painting, and Gardening

Free Stuff, Painting, and Gardening

Today I pulled a bunch of weeds from our garden and transplanted a bunch of bulbs to a weaved basket I pulled out of the neighbors’ trash three days ago. We’re not sure what the bulbs are but they have been growing for quite some time now. (We originally found them all growing under our compost and transplanted them into the garden) But I trimmed them with some scissors and planted them with compost so hopefully they bloom or something sometime soon.

The current compost pile is pretty full due to all the weeds and grass clippings I put in today…

And here is a celery stalk I replanted today in a cinder block I found in a trash can at the establishment. The second photo is a picture of when we got the celery plants near the beginning of the year.

And heres a picture of some other plants we transplanted today from elsewhere in the yard. (The ones behind the chairs)

And here are some of the plants that we got for free before break in their new home (The red tulips were already growing there. Kendra did you or your roommates plant them? Because we didnt and then they just came out of the ground about a month ago HEA!)

Also today, I used our lazy-susan to do some spin art and to paint the susan itself.

And last for this post, I got a bunch of free bike parts out of a dumpster today at the establishment (where I found the cinder block and its just 2 blocks away) I got two full handlebar sets with brakes, cranks, 2 derailleurs, a mountain bike tire, a bunch of small parts, and a 7 piece drillbit set! I dont know why  it was all being thrown out but whatever. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure is so true.

Suuuch a good day today

Suuuch a good day today

Woke up ready to leave for home this morning. I packed Clifford up and then called Kendra Rowley to come over and put in her surfboard. Before long, I was convinced to stay in slo for another day and leave tomorrow because:
a) I would be able to take Kendra and save 20 dolls on gas/ have company on the drive
b) It was sooo nice out today
c) I was over driving

So we hung out in the backyard for a bit on the high table, then went inside and I ate some hash-BROWNS (Thats how Justin says hashbrowns HEAA!). Then we played a little bit of piano and then headed back to Kendra’s house which is just around the corner. Turns out, Lindsey (her roommate) had left and locked us out accidentally. So Kendra decided to hop the neighbors fence, pull off a window screen, and climb through a window. And JUST when she gets in, Lindsey showed back up hahaha!

Anyways, then we made crepes which were Soooo good and I watched Kendra eat a freaking Lemon raw! Bleagh barf! I’m talkin, taking bits out and sucking out the juice like it was an orange! Then after that, we decided to go geocaching in Meadow Park which is just a half mile away from our houses. So we went there and found one pretty quickly at the base of a tree. This was definitely the weirdest geocache I have ever found. It was a kids toy/gag gift fake poo! Haha whaat? I’ll let the pictures do the explaining HEAA!

Then after that one we set off to solve a mystery cache but realized that KENDRA had left the papers for all the clues back at the house! So we turned around to bike back home to get the papers. But we when we went past a little building in the park, we stopped at a couple of little booth things set up outside for Slo-earth-day 2010. We got free rear bike lights, chapstick, purified water and pens! Then we talked with this 81 year old woman there. She was SO gnarly/cool. She had one of those recumbent bikes but instead of a bike, it was a trike. And not only that, it had an electric motor in it because shes so old now! She was also sporting all the necessary gear: Reflective vest, biking gloves, a rear view mirror attached to her glasses, a tie dye flag, and of course a bell. She told us that she has been biking all her life and shes gone all over the world including: Australia, London, Ireland, Africa and more. Then when she had to go, she freaking hauled ass out of there! Her little electric motor was MOVING her. It was a sight to see.

So then we continued home and got the papers from the printer which Kendra claimed “weren’t there, one of you guys had them last” HEAA! Anyways, then we biked BACK to the park, found all the clues, got the coordinates, bike BACK home to plug them into google maps, and then BACK to the park again to finally find the geocache which was an altoids tin. Then, I headed home but Kendra and Lindsey stayed at the park because when we were at the slo-earth-day 2010 booths, they decided to sign up for an all locally grown, organic dinner thing.

But I went home and worked on the pond a little bit. I fixed up our filter system and changed from just sitting in the bushes to actually having a more solid, permanent, legit foundation. Then I got a call from Kendra telling me to bring over tupperware to the park because they had a bunch of food leftover and we would be able to take it. So I headed BACK to the park again and we got a bunch of cupcakes, rice, wraps, and even some salmon! Then we heard that they were giving away all these little plants that they had brought AND a bunch of re-usable grocery bags. So we took a bunch of bags (which are pretty large) and filled 4 of them up with plants. Then Lindsey and I felt we needed more so we went and unloaded all 4 bags worth under a slide in the playground and went and filled ours up again HEAA! Then we biked home with the food and 4 bags worth of plants. Then we drove BACK to the park and picked up all the rest of the plants and then continued on to Slo-Op.

For some reason, I guess just cause its spring break and nobody is in town, Slo-Op was empty! We were the only people there and I completed a new V3! woo! Then we came back home and the plan for tomorrow is:
1) Wake up early and have crepes for breakfast at their house
2) Come to my house and build troughs for our plants and plant them in the troughs and around the yard.
3) Leave for home around 11-12

Heres pictures of some of the plants. This is only 3 bags worth. There’s 8 bags worth at Kendra and Lindsey’s house. Yesss

Leslie’s 20th Birthday

Leslie’s 20th Birthday

Leslie Edwards’ birthday is on Saturday but since everyone was going to be gone by then for Spring Break we celebrated it on Wednesday. We went out to dinner at Firestone’s where I got a tri-tip sandwich and fries. Then we went to back to Poly Canyon for the Pinata!

When it was Arlie’s birthday a couple weeks ago, Leslie brought the pinata and since we’re all so old and strong, Leslie weakened the cardboard bat by cutting slits in it. I told Leslie: “You can’t weaken the bat Leslie, you have to strengthen the Pinata!” And she told me that I could make a stronger than cardboard Pinata for her birthday and we would use a non-weakened means of breaking it open.

So Wednesday morning, using wood I found out on the road for free a couple months ago, I constructed a Pinata in the shape of an L for Leslie. I completely stacked it with chocolates from cvs and screwed it shut. Then painted it with leftover spray paint.

Turns out though, the Pinata was a LOT harder to break than anticipated. After about 10 good hits with the broom stick I brought, the stick broke. Then we resorted to all taking turns throwing it at the ground out in the road. Patrick finally managed to break it open after about 15 minutes of repeated throwing from us all. Side effect of all the pressures/shocks? Lots of messed up chocolates. But still a lot of good ones too =D! Happy Birthday Leslie! HEAA!

And here’s a video Leslie made of the whole shenanigan. Well actually not all of it. When the actual video stops and it cuts to more pictures is not when we broke it open. That was when we just took a break to go sing happy birthday and eat the cupcakes Donna brought. It still took another ten minutes or so of throwing it to break it open HEAA!