Poly Escapes Climbing Competition

Poly Escapes Climbing Competition

I did the Poly Escapes Boulder Bash climbing competition a while ago. The day before I went to Sacramento actually. It was really fun. I haven’t climbed on the campus wall this entire year and it was just a good change up. I ended up getting third in intermediate! I got a t-shirt with the registration and won an emergency blanket HEA! and also a certificate for $15 towards a poly escapes rental! Iss nice!

This girl looks so over her life hahaha

Bishop’s Cave

Bishop’s Cave

While bouldering at Bishop’s, some guys showed us a cave right at the base of the mountain. Its more of a tunnel and its actually pretty long and opens up large enough to stand in at many points. There’s also a bunch of spots in the walls where people put in candles to light it up because it is completely pitch black just after going 10ft into it. We went the day we found it and then we also went back again a couple of nights ago to have a fake seance HEA! We sacrificed this weird mochi ball thing filled with blackbean goo. It was really gross and Lindsey’s boyfriend (BTK-5000) gave them to us hahaha.

CAVE ROUND 1 *ding*

CAVE ROUND 2 *ding*

Seven Falls in Santa Barbara

Seven Falls in Santa Barbara

Saturday morning I went over to Kaitlyn’s apartment at 10:00am. We made waffles, eggs, and hash browns for breakfast om nom nom. Then at 11:00, Trevor got off work and we got in the car and headed down to Santa Barbara. We first went to Trevor’s house and we picked up his two dogs, Copper and DJ. (Trevor’s last name is Johnson and so DJ stands for Dog Johnson hahaha) Anyways, then we drove to the trail head for Seven Falls.

We met up with some of Trevor’s highschool friends at the trail head and we headed off. One of his friends also had a dog with her named Corona and another friend Chito (coolest guy ever) had a a dog with him named Ron. Ron was a pretty big dog. Probably weighed 60 lbs while the other dogs were pretty small and only about 20 lbs each. So as we were hiking up the trail, which was pretty much hiking up the creek, we had to left up the dogs occasionally. I was surprised actually at how much the dogs were able to do themselves. They had some crazy jumping skills!

Anyways, the hike was really fun. There was a bunch of climbing involved if you were trying to avoid getting in the water and all the rock was really featured and fun. There were holds of all kinds, slopers, crimpers, jugs, pockets, rails blah blah blah. It was awesome. And, as the name implies, there were a bunch of waterfalls. Some were small while a couple were pretty big and a challenge to get past. Especially with the dogs HEA! We finally stopped (pretty near the top of the creek I guess) at one of the waterfalls. Supposedly, you used to be able to jump and slide into the pool below (which was crystal clear) but the recent rain pushed a bunch of sand/dirt/rocks down into the pool which decreased the depth from 20ft to about 5ft :(. But it was still perfect for jumping in really fast to cool off! We ended up hiking for about four and a half hours and finally got back to the car around 6:00!

Santa Barbara from the trail head


Getting Ron up a waterfall with no other dog-accessible way around

Look at how huge this rock is compared to Kaitlyn at the very bottom of the second photo!

That is Corona at our feet

Chito and Ron. Chito got his nickname because his Dad’s name is Ignacio and he goes by Nacho and Chito’s name is Ignacio also so he is Nachito aka Chito. And yes, he likes Cheetohs.

Crystal Clear, I will.

This is the one we ended up jumping in and that used to be 20ft deep

After the hike, we went back to Trevor’s house and had dinner there which was SUUPER good. His mom made clam linguine, garlic bread, salad, and cookies and we were all soooo hungry cause we didnt pack a lunch for the hike HEA! Then we hung out for a bit and got back to Slo at 10:00pm

Bike Month is the Mejor

May is Bike Month in Slo so the bike coalition and a bunch of other groups have been holding events all month. Today, they had a bike-in-movie. Everyone met at the Mission at 7:00 and then started biking to the Slo YMCA for the movie. However, the route went right past the house so we waited for everyone to be on our street to join in. There was basically a parade of us like a mini bike night.

Anywho, we biked over the train station bridge and took the rail trail to the YMCA. They had bike parking set up, free popcorn, and free Slo Chai which is suuuper good by the way. The movie they were showing was Sandlot. So good. I hadn’t seen it in so long. I forgot how funny it was. Also though, before the movie, they had a raffle. They had a table set up with bike swag from sponsors with literally over 50 different items ranging from bells, lights, bike bags, shirts, water bottles, socks, camelbaks, water bottle holders… SO many things! And so the raffle took like 45 minutes to do because they just kept calling more and more numbers. If you got called, you got to choose whatever you wanted from the table. It was so sweet! I seriously think over 50% of the people there won something. It was awesome.

I got a frog light, Jeremy got a patch kit, and Myles got a camelbak. It was so cool and sooo nice out. They finally started the movie right about as the sun was setting. Wooo for Bike Month!

Ps, I also got a free rear light yesterday and a free shirt. SO MUCH FREE STUFF!!! And bike breakfasts have been held almost every other day! So good! More info here: http://rideshare.org/cm/bike/bikemonth2010HOME.html