SLO Garden Update 10-16-10

SLO Garden Update 10-16-10

The squash and tomato and strawberry plants are still producing. The corn and peas I planted about a month ago are doing well but havent produced anything yet. But the chinese cabbage I planted in Little Red has been edible for about two weeks now and I have been putting it in everything (burritos, pasta, salads obviously, pizza, etc)

The Peas:

The Corn Khorn!

Chinese Cabbage:

Chinese Cabbage Salad:

Make a Mirror from a Mirror

Make a Mirror from a Mirror

2x4ft of MDF
1 Broken Mirror
1 Bike Wheel from a dumpster
Wood Glue

Remove tire from wheel, cut all spokes and remove from rim
Trace rim onto MDF and cut out the circle
Screw MDF onto rim and put the tire back on

Break the mirror into a bunch of pieces
Re-assemble and glue the shards onto the MDF
Hang on the wall


Free Kid Cart

Free Kid Cart

About 3 weeks ago, I saw an ad for a free kid cart on craigslist within a couple minutes of it being posted. I called her right away and then went and picked it up the next day. Good thing im a craigslist free section shark because the lady told me when I picked it up that she received over 10 other calls within the 5 minutes of putting the ad up and then taking it down after I talked with her. See Mom, if you want to get rid of that huge vanity, just put it up for free and it will be gone in 2 seconds HEAA!

Here is the kid cart attached to one of my bikes. 
The night I got it, Myles, Gabe, Nina, Lindsey, and I all took turns towing each other around hahaha. Its actually a really really smooth ride sitting back there but ridiculously hard to pedal while towing someone.
Community Cabinet Update

Community Cabinet Update

Since the Community Cabinet has been put up, It has been knocked down twice. The first time, it happened between 3am and 7am but I put it up that morning at 9am. It stayed up for quite a while until two weeks ago it got knocked down again. Nobody knows who it is but I put the cabinet in the middle of the yard for a week with a message saying that it will be back soon. And surprisingly, after a couple days of it being down, people walking by kept telling me that they missed it and thought it was a great idea. HEA! And then some lady even went out of her way to knock on the  front door and tell Myles how sad she was that someone knocked it down and that as soon it was back up, she was going to re-stock it with a bunch of clothes and things!

So Myles and I put it back up last weekend after it being down for a week. There have been a bunch of welcome back messages, and thank you’s and since it has been back up, I have seen two printers go through it, a bunch of tools, 3 candles, Hamburger Buns, Sorry the board game, two beanies, and the best of all:

This sweet rocking chair!

Its in really good condition and looks like someone just painted it. And whoever left it left it for the house specifically because it wasn’t next to the cabinet, it was on the front porch when I woke up one day! HEAA! And this was the message someone left with it over night:

So overall, theres some assholes out there but everyone else in the neighborhood loves the cabinet!