France Day 6

France Day 6

On day 6 in France we went to Beaune to see a famous hospital with crazy tile roofing and lots of old stained glass. Dad will.


 Dad is getting Ideas for the Fallbrook house probably:

yea, I love mannequins.

Aronson Family Style:

This must have taken so long to do a whole floor all by hand:

 Dad was jealous of their superior solder joints:

Then we went to Avignon which is a little city completely surrounded by walls and there are only a couple of entrances into it. We had a really gross lunch there and rode the Merry-Go-Round as well:

Baby khorn!

Grande Khorn!


Thats you:

See the disappointment?

Then we went to Chateau des Baux which was pretty cool. Twas a super high up castle which overlooked all of the as Dad put it “Fertile Land”. And we climbed up to the top on the sketchy worn down carved into the rock stairs where I took the following Panorama. I should re-do it and hue match all of the seams but Im over it. Click it to see a larger version.

On our way to the top….

 Dad wants some:

 At the top they had a bunch of weapons used to defend the place:


“Raaaaming Speed!! Powwwrrccchhh” -Dad

The wind cause crazy looking erosion on the rock faces:

Jenky Stairs:

 The summit!

Aronson family style:

Fertile, if you will.

 Then we got some Blue Lagoon and Mint flavored shaved ices and had crepes:

Then we went down to Arles where it was too hot to do anything so Dad went on a walking guided tour about Van Gogh (Van Gog) and Mom, Kendra and I enjoyed the modern art in the area. Oh and Mom sat in some gooseberries HEAAAAAAA

And we also took an Aronson Family Style:

Then we went to a fancy dinner in the foothills of Aix which was pretty good even though the pictures of the food make it look really bad HEAAAA

The dessert was the best:

Then Kendra and I went and found Lulu, the donkey that kept making noises during dinner. Yea, Lulu Style:

And somewhere in between everything we did during that day, we also took these pictures with Khorn:

France Day 5

France Day 5

Day 5 in France was mostly a travel day. We woke up in the hotel and went to have breakfast for the first time with our tour group and took the classic its too early to be awake stop taking pictures picture HEAA!

Then we got in the bus with Alfonse and headed towards our final destinations of the day: Nimes. But first we made some pitstops and almost died of boredom in the bus:


And we also took a quick stop to see the aqueduct at Pont Du Gard:

And we couldn’t have left without some Aronson Family Style photos:

Or stopping to take a photo with the largest Nutella jars EVER: