France Day 8

France Day 8

We spent all of day 8 in Nice. We started off the day by walking around the main square and Dad & I eventually made it to the museum of modern art. Yea, always.

It almost looks like SF:

Dad & I at the Modern Art Museum:

Dad is intrigued:

Cube Head in the distance:

I, Will.

Then we all went on a walk on the coastline:

Then we walked back and ate dinner in the large farmer’s market/restaurant/swap meet area next to the beach. I also got some candy:

 NOM NOM NOM ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Then we walked back to the hotel and found some interesting things and played around with them:

Thanksgiving In San Francisco

Thanksgiving In San Francisco

This year for Thanksgiving, I got a ride up to the bay with Ethan and Mom flew up so we could spend Thanksgiving with Kendra. Dad stayed home. HEAAAA!!!!

I got dropped off at the Castro Valley BART (Bay Area Rapid [if you will] Transit) station which I then took to the San Francisco financial district where I met up with Mom and Kendra and we walked back to the Hotel.


View from the hotel the next morning:

Coit Tower:

And at night:

The next morning we Ba(r)ted (silent r) to Berkeley to see Kendra’s place. aka Birdland. Birdland if you don’t know is the home of Birdman. Birdman creates rustic birdhouses out of scrap/reclaimed/recycled materials and sells them for top dollar. Apparently he’s pretty well known in the bay area. I told Ethan about it in the car ride home and he knew who Birdman was HEAA! Birdland:

Birdman likes Jazz

I like Birdman

Then we walked somewhere towards the bay and went to REI and also a North Face Outlet. Mom got Kendra and I new fleece jackets. Yea, I got a Women’s and Kendra got a Boy’s HEAAA. Then we walked back to Birdland and took these photos on the way:


Then we walked to Restaurant Row where we waited around until our Chez Panisse reservations.

Once inside, it was pretty sweet. We got to sit right next to the kitchen and all of the chefs were really nice and they even let us take a tour of the kitchen while they were preparing the food. It looked like a scene out of Ratatouille. Everyone was really busy making sauces or chopping stuff up or putting food on the plates. We even went all the way to the back and some lady showed us the meat locker HEAA!

The next day we hiked up to Coit Tower. It was a shame though that the actual tower was out of order. What? The hike up:

Kendra sat in shit. Yea, always.

Aronson Family Style

The view from the the top of the hill/the base of the tower:

Coit Tower and Columbus:

But seriously, what is Columbus doing here?


Then we went to The Stinking Rose for dinner which was not as good as it was hyped to be in my opinion. And then we walked through China Town to get back to the hotel.

And we also stumbled across some Banksy work:

The next day, we took a boat to Alcatraz.

And we took mass Aronson Family Styles:

Alphonse Capone, we will.

The old warden’s house:

Then once back in San Francisco, I got a sub-par churro 🙁

Then we got a taxi to the De Young Museum where we some some ART.


The Aronson Family does not belong in a museum:

And we really went so that we could see the Post-Impressionist exhibit but cameras weren’t allowed.

But I still got a picture of this famous one hahaha:

More important than looking at the art, the Aronson Family made some art while there:

Then we took a bus back to near our hotel and we walked around the shopping district for a while which was a zoo!

France Day 7

France Day 7

On day 7, we left Sainte Maxime on the a boat named the GYPSY XIV and we headed over to St. Tropez. The boat ride was only about 15 minutes long but it was a nice calm ride and it was really sunny out.

We then wandered the streets of St. Tropez heading towards a large swap meet. But first we ran into this makeshift farmers market type booth with fresh veggies and fresh fish.

Then we finally made to the large swap meet where we got a box of raspberries and looked around.

Then we made our way back to the dock so we could make it on the return boat.

Then we drove to Cannes where there was some sort of large music event going on with red carpet and all the jazz. But we just walked around for a while, took some pictures with Chewy, jumped in the water, and got ice cream. The usual…

Then we drove to Monaco and Mom and I decided to take a nap on the drive HEAA!

Modern. Art.

Monaco is a postcard.

Monaco is also spotless.

Then we drove to Nice. Nice is nice. My favorite place after Paris in France actually. This is our hotel and the view of Louis Vuitton below our balcony. It was really warm that night. But not hot. Perfect. Not to mention, the Mediterranean was like a heated pool which Kendra and I jumped in again after dinner.

Jumping in the Mediterranean again…