Day 31

Today was a milestone. As of today, I have completed 1/12 of the 1 Year, 0 Waste Project. Now time to tackle February!

Today’s “waste” included one soup can and some small metal bits collected from my desk.

Day 30

Day 30

Today was a day of crafting. I decided to spend the day dealing with plastic bags and plastic food packaging.

First, I made a plastic grocery bag wallet using the fused bag material I made on January 9. I cut up a piece of material, folded it in half, and then ironed the seams to fuse them. Then I added a credit card pocket! It turned out great. Its very strong and seems durable.

Also today, I ironed plastic bags to a bicycle seat that I picked up off the road a couple months ago. The results are awesome and I can’t wait to mount it to a bike:

And lastly, today’s “waste” included a soup can, a pretzels bag, and a chocolate chips bag.

Day 29

Today I hosted a paint fight. So, although no waste got shipped away via garbage trucks, a lot of paint was still wasted into the ground. This will hopefully be the only time other than chemistry where products are being “wasted”.

I feel bad about the whole thing in that sense, but as much as I want to be 0 waste, (and I think this applies to everyone), it shouldn’t interfere with what makes me happy in life. Being 0 waste needs to be fun and not prevent fun. So if it gets broken occasionally for something awesome, so be it. Its about the day to day measures taken to prevent waste.

Other than that though, there was no other “waste” today.