Day 59

Today my “waste” included one plastic hummus container and nothing more! Because my most recent grocery shopping has been all bulk foods and loose leaf fruits and veggies, my daily “wastes” are slowly being weaned away. Be expecting more “Zero Waste” days =D

Day 58

Today I produced Zero Waste! With the exception of compostable food waste which I don’t think really counts anyways 🙂

Day 57

Today was an awesome day. Today was the ninth annual Change The Status Quo conference on Cal Poly campus. I woke up early and got to campus to do yoga, then breakfast was served. All plates, cups, and plasticware was compostable and all of the food was local and organic. The keynote speaker was the lady behind “The Story Of Stuff” and the workshops i went to were all really informative, engaging, and fun. I had a blast.

The first workshop I went to was about Life Water and their redesign of the hand water pump used extensively in Africa and rural asia. It was really interesting and I connected with the guy, Fred, afterwards and he gave me some PVC pipe and a galvanized tube that actually gets used and wants me to help him design a better seal for it (The weakest link in the hand pump design) So cool!

Anyways, the “waste” for today was some cream cheese containers, some brochures, a pamphlet, compostable food waste, and a plastic baggy.

Day 56

Today’s “waste” included 1 paper and nothing more. A good day to offset yesterday’s “waste”.

Day 55

Today we had a big sushi dinner with about 10 people. Today’s “waste” included packaging paper and plastic for fish, a styrofoam container, multiple plastic food wrappers, a can, and more. It was not a good day “waste” wise but I still saved everything and will find a way to repurpose it somehow…