Day 90

Today I went grocery shopping. I bought nearly everything in bulk or looseleaf. New Frontiers has an awesome bulk section. I purchased flour, peanut butter, raisins, granola, and honey. Then I got a bunch of produce at Food for Less. I also broke down though and got two Clif bars and some cheese which have plastic wrappers…

Today’s “waste” though included three receipts, a cardboard box, plastic wrappers, and a spam can.

Day 89

Today I was left over with 1 plastic Jamba Juice cup and a yogurt container.

Day 88

Today I produced 1 plastic food wrapper, miscellaneous papers, and compostables.

Day 87

Today’s “waste” included two tuna cans, 1 glass jar, and compostables.

Day 86

Today’s “waste” included compostables and a plastic cheese bag.