Day 150

Today is day one hundred and fifty. I am 5 months into the 1 year, 0 waste project. That is crazy to think about. Zero waste has impacted my lifestyle so greatly. Everything I even think about consuming, I think of what I will be left with afterwards…

Something I do miss though is recycling. I feel like I can recycle so much stuff but instead I am trying to find ways to use it. However, I don’t think that this is sustainable. Although recycling takes carbon to ship the material away and the fact that whatever I consumed had to have that packaging took carbon, it is still less feasible to try and make something out of it all. In 50 years, I would have soooo many pieces of “art” and what if everyone had the same stuff? If anything, trying to create things out of recyclables just further comingles the materials and makes it harder to do something with even after that! And although it would be possible to buy only stuff without packaging, it is just too much work!

Though recycling is not as green as it might be made out to be because of all of the energy it requires, it is still the best option in this day and age to live easily and well.

Today’s “waste” included a recyclable mouthwash container.

Day 149

Todays “waste” included a plastic pickles jar seal and 1 tuna can.