Bicycle Rainbow

Bicycle Rainbow

The Upham house needed a grand entrance way. Public review has been overwhelmingly positive so far =D. Almost everyone who walks or bikes by compliments us or stops to take a photo!




The process:

My welds are improving!

Moving it from the backyard to the frontyard in the night. We barely made it through the driveway!

Little red had to take a hit in order to get the rainbow up…

Welding it into place in the night, I stayed up until 3AM!

The morning after we cleaned up the yard and planted a new garden:

Arman beginning to paint the rainbow:

Little Red still making a cameo appearance:


Single Track Vehicle Design Lab 1

Single Track Vehicle Design Lab 1

ME 441 – Single Track Vehicle Design. AKA bike building class. AKA the best class at Cal Poly. Today we had the first lab section where we test rode a bunch of bikes that the professor and one of his friends brought to school. A couple students also brought in some different bikes for test riding. I brought in the purple tall bike. The point of the exercise was to see how different riding positions and frame geometries affect the handling and ergonomics of the bike. We filled out score sheets for 3 bikes and wrote down comments about the designs so that we can think of what we want and do not want in our designs. It was the most fun lab I think any of us had ever had.

I rode a 4 person tandem, a recumbent tandem, a pixie for adults, spider bikes that you could drift, other recumbents, normal bikes, and even a monster truck complete with a wheelie bar, stereo, water guns, and a flamethrower. Yes, a flamethrower HEAAAA!