Spring Break Roadtrip 2012

Spring Break Roadtrip 2012

For spring break this year, Donald, Joey, Georgia, Jenny, Kelly, Myles, Devon, Sara, Gerrit, and I planned a roadtrip out to the Grand Canyon, Zion, and Spanish Fork for the Holifest. Here is the photo documentation of what happened during the week. (Also note that first are my photos and then a second set that were taken by Kelly but I didn’t want to order them)

The day we left, Myles was still drunk from his St. Patty’s morning pub crawl hahaha!

About an hour from the Grand Canyon, a blizzard hit and the road closed! So we had a group pow-wow in a gas station and decided to turn back and stay the night in VEGAS!

But first, we stopped at the Hoover Dam and walked around for a bit. Honestly, the newly constructed bridge over the gorge was more gorgeous. HEAAA.

After checking into our hotel, the Lu(x)or, we went climbing at Red Rock Canyon which is just a half hour outside of Vegas.

In the Luxor Vator

First non-granola meal in a while: Qdoba.

Driving the strip…

After staying the night in Vegas, we decided to head towards Zion with the intention of camping somewhere random on the way. But first, we stopped and played in a city park!

We ended up at Snow Canyon campgrounds just outside of St. George, Utah. We played some frisbee and went on a short hike in the canyon and made it back just after dark to start dinner.

Planking Snow Canyon.

Myles and I prepared chili for the group. Best chili of our lives.

Seven people in a four person tent. nbd.

Who the hell is Joey Bruno?

Donnie preparing the fire in the morning.

Before leaving the park, we did another short hike to this lava cave.

Clothes swap guys?


We know how to do food while camping!

Hiking up to Observation Point in Zion

The worst skate sesh of all time.


GRAFTON graves

The bridge to GRAFTON! (a ghost town just outside of Zion that we went to in the night.

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olympic Bob Sled course. COURSE.

Salt Lake City is pretty cool!
We couchsurfed on the fringe of Salt Lake at Mark’s place. Super awesome guy who likes fishing in Alaska, back country skis to work every day at the resorts, and has a giant house to himself that he shares with travelers like us!

The next morning, we managed to clog all 3 toilets in Mark’s house. HEAAAA! This one was especially difficult to unclog. It took the whole crew to do it.

Pre-holi on the right. Post on the left!


Myles, still drunk from St. Patrick’s day morning festivities.

Saying the last surprise goodbye to Arman (he went to Costa Rica instead)

Observation Point.

Kelly Pooper. Business as usual.



The sunrise on the way home to Slo.

Shaver Lake 2012

Shaver Lake 2012

All the amigos and even Sammy went up for a weekend over Summer to stay at Andy’s Shaver Lake cabin up in the Sierras. Kelly and I arrived a day before everyone else so we camped out at the neighboring Huntington Lake (across the water from China Peak [which is TINY]). Here are the pi(x) from Huntington and the little dock that we hung out on (which we eventually got driven out of because the boy scouts’ trash barge kept unloading there! HEAAAA)


Huntington Lake dock.

We had it all to ourselves (minus the garbage scouts)

What’s this?

Pickles in bags… ok?

 And the next day we met up with everyone at the cabin!


Andy’s “Party Barge” – the fastest fine piece of machinery on the lake by faaarrrr. Not.


Sea Lion rock.

A perfect capture, if you will.

Sammy looks like she wants to cry! hahaha


Kelly Lobster

TACO TIME. We had aaalllllllLLL the fixin’s