One of my 2015 New Year’s Resolutions is to Have More Adventures. So to facilitate this, I was thinking about buying a vehicle worthy of adventures. At first I was thinking something like a Honda Element, but then when Chad sent me a Craigslist link for a 1983 Toyota RV, I jumped on the opportunity. It was located out in Sea Canyon, was listed for only $2,000, and had a paltry 58,000 miles on it! A steal if I ever saw one. So, I ended up buying it! Her name is La Tortuga.


When we brought it home we grabbed all the housemates (most who had no idea we had even gone to look at an RV, let alone buy one. We piled everyone in and rode around downtown, picking up all of our friends at the different cafes. It was a grand time! Now, let’s go have more adventures!


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